Welcome to the Human Connector

What is the Human Connector?

The Human Connector is a geo-location based online social network that helps you find and meet people in your location, as well as any other location you might be interested in meeting people in.

The difference between the Human Connector, and other similar tools like Tinder, is that the Human Connector is not just a dating tool. It is for dating, collaboration, friendship, groups, events, resources, and offerings.

It isn’t a superficial tool, that gets you to match with others based on looks, it uses the most advanced profiling tools available on earth to show you how you really connect with others.

The Human Connector can also be used as a tool to help you understand your existing connections better, through the profiling tools made available through this platform. It is here to show you the mechanics of how your intelligence and life force connections work.

Understanding how you integrate with others, is key for successful relationships. Whether this is friendship, love, business, collaboration, entrepreneurship, coaching etc.

The Human Connector also provides common social networking features that many other popular platforms like Facebook provides like:

  • Groups
  • Connections / Friendships
  • Online Profile
  • Wall
  • Messaging
  • Timeline

And it also provides other tools like:

  • Forums
  • Blogging
  • Professional History
  • Products/Service Offerings
  • Crypto currency trading

The Human Connector provides advanced Human Design charts to help you understand the mechanics of how you connect with others. These charts have the following unique features:

  1. Based on a synthesis of several exoteric and esoteric science which include astronomy, physics, biology/genetics, chakra system, astrology, I Ching, Kabbalah etc. This gives you a more complete picture of how you operate as a form of advanced biotechnology.
  2. The charts are based on the I Ching which has the exact same mathematical structure as your DNA. These charts show you how your DNA is imprinted and through that how your DNA processes connect with the DNA processes of others.
  3. These charts show how we form a biological network through how our life force systems and intelligences connect with each other. It gives you deep insight into the genetic processes underpinning our interactions with each other, and how we find fulfilment and purpose through how we connect with each other.
  4. This tool allows us to understand how we form a type of mycelium network, and how we are all pieces of the puzzle in a larger picture. We are all parts of a larger overall life force process and we all contain certain aspects of this.
  5. It also gives us a unique new operating system that allows us to come onto the same wavelength as each other. Human Design isn’t a belief system like religion or spirituality, it’s a science that can be tested to see if it works or not. The main issue in our society is we don’t connect with each other properly because we all are running different operating systems.